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Investing in a new brand bathroom (with the right finishes) is a great way to add value to your home. As you'll know, a great-looking bathroom helps sell a property.

Even if you're not thinking about moving for a while, you can make simple choices about the design of your new bathroom that allows you to enjoy it AND significantly improve the attractiveness of your home to a prospective new buyer for the day when you do choose to sell.

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    Find out what brands of taps and shower fittings are highly desirable and fashionable at the moment. Additionally, learn about the different options you have for creating a luxurious shower.

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    Learn about the different styles of baths you can have in your bathroom, and what's currently popular (and what baths are no longer popular).

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    Find out how you can maximise storage space in your bathroom and conceal pipework, without using up valuable space in your bathroom.

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    PLUS even more, packed into a simple and quick-to-read eBook...

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